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May 26, 2011
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The Hive Gangs: The Claws by ARTOFJUSTAMAN The Hive Gangs: The Claws by ARTOFJUSTAMAN
The Claws are a gang from the City Hive´s underworld. This gang is a warrior clan from the planet Depta-45. They came from a tribal and primitive culture known as the Oonosh. Captured by slavers some Oonosh were brought to the City Hive for work as slaves in the spaceport bay, controled by a gang known as the Council, and the air processing plant. With the centuries, the Oonosh comunity grew and the Claws took a big part of the spaceport bay´s control to the Council.

Done with Ps Cs5.

Comments and Favs are welcome.

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kriegerherz15 Jul 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
time to call the inquisition.
so Tyranids do have a mind. I thought they were only in for the kills not have gangs though this is interesting
those are actually Genestealer-Hybrids

Genestealers, a type of Tyranid, are able to contaminate the genome of other races, which results in the birth of hybrids
These posses the intelligence and personality traits of the infected race, but have a connection to the hive-mind

They work mostly as saboteurs, weakening the planet's defenses, infrastructures, and cause general chaos, until the Hive-Fleet arrives
dear god, awesome more fight for the Imperium of Man
they had some pretty awesome concepts in the early edition
these were introduced during the 2nd edition, and I think their army list was still usable during the 3rd edition, before it was abandoned (alto Genestealer Hybrids are still canon at least as far as setting goes, even if they are no longer represented as units)

they used a mix of Tyranid powers and stolen Imperial weaponry, along with civilian vehicles converted for combat purposes, and regular Genestealer units

there were also Genestealer Cults, who were like a regular Genestealer Hybrid army, but they had the additional use of rougue psykers, mutants, and human cultists (called "Brood Brothers") to boast their ranks
Genestealer Cults were founded by Genestealer Hybrids in further attempts to destabilize the planets society
They'd convert people into worshiping the hive-fleets, and actively help them in discovering and consuming the planet
Some would be rewarded by being infected, helping to increase the ranks of Genestealer Hybrids, while others would be honored to serve as the Great Devourer's next meal
Quest007 Jun 21, 2011   Digital Artist
Great imagination and skill!
ARTOFJUSTAMAN Jun 23, 2011  Professional General Artist
MissEmeraldEyes Jun 16, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Your spectacular piece of art has been featured in my journal [link]
Congratulations on this wonderful work! :hug::rose:
ARTOFJUSTAMAN Jun 16, 2011  Professional General Artist
Magnisethered Jun 7, 2011
they look like genestealers.
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